Connecting your YouTube Account with Your Twitter Account

In the past I’ve talked about saving time by connecting your blog with your Twitter account and connecting your Twitter account with your Facebook page or profile. Similarly, if you are using videos in your social media marketing efforts, you can connect your YouTube account with your Twitter account so your videos are posted automatically toContinue reading “Connecting your YouTube Account with Your Twitter Account”

Five Ways to use Videos in Your Book Marketing Efforts

YouTube makes it easy for users to forward videos they like, and they often do, which easily turns video marketing into viral marketing. Here are five ways to use videos in your book marketing efforts: Create a book video trailer or hire a company to create and distribute one for you.  Be sure to shareContinue reading “Five Ways to use Videos in Your Book Marketing Efforts”

Excellence in Book Trailers – Self-Publishing Book Promotion

What better time than after the Golden Globe Awards to feature excellence in film – Book Trailers, that is.  The following video won the 2010 Moby Award for “Best Performance by an Author”: Head Case by Dennis Cass I can’t help but giggle every time I watch this video.  Having worked with hundreds of publishedContinue reading “Excellence in Book Trailers – Self-Publishing Book Promotion”