Tweeting for Book Promotion

Recently we discussed how to set up a Twitter account and how to start networking.  Now it’s time to start tweeting!  So…what do you tweet?  The “what” may vary by your genre, target audience, interests, etc.  I recommend tweeting at least once a day.  Several times a day is even better, but if you’re newContinue reading “Tweeting for Book Promotion”

You’re an Author on Twitter, Now What?

Last week I talked about how to set up a Twitter account.  You have your account set up, so now what?  Now it’s time to start building your community.  Unlike Facebook, you do not need to “friend” the people you want to follow.  You can “follow” another person to keep up with their tweets (or messagesContinue reading “You’re an Author on Twitter, Now What?”

How To Set Up a Twitter Account

I’m going to discuss using Twitter to promote your book, but first, if you don’t have a Twitter account yet, you can set one up for free in just minutes.  Here’s how: Go to  Click the “Sign Up” button.  Here’s what you will see: Enter your full name. The “username” is what follows theContinue reading “How To Set Up a Twitter Account”