Connecting your Twitter and Facebook accounts

We’ve talked about how to set up a Twitter account, what to tweet and how to set up a Facebook Page for your book.  At any point, have you thought: Who has time to post status updates in two different places?  If so, you’re right.  Although it is important to monitor activity on both sites,Continue reading “Connecting your Twitter and Facebook accounts”

Decoding the Twitter Language

Now that you’re using Twitter, have you noticed some tweets that seem to need decoding?  That’s right, “Tweeters” have their own language, but don’t let it intimidate you.  Twitter’s Help Center offers an entire glossary on Twitter terms, so you’re obviously not alone! Here are a few of the common acronyms and symbols to knowContinue reading “Decoding the Twitter Language”

10 Twitter Hashtags for Self-Publishing Book Marketing

Hopefully you took me up on the challenge in my last post and have been using Twitter in your book marketing efforts.  Once you have the basics down you can begin really maximizing your networking potential by utilizing “hashtags.” What are #hashtags and how do you use them? Hashtags begin with the # symbol andContinue reading “10 Twitter Hashtags for Self-Publishing Book Marketing”