10 Tweeps Authors Should Follow for Book Marketing Tips and Opportunities

If you use Twitter right, it is all about who you follow and who is following you.  These should be seen as two completely separate things.  You should follow the people who provide you with the information you want to receive, whether that be news, weather, gossip, comedy or whatever interests you.  And you shouldContinue reading “10 Tweeps Authors Should Follow for Book Marketing Tips and Opportunities”

Connecting Twitter with LinkedIn

Previously I talked about Connecting your Twitter and Facebook Accounts, Connecting your Blog with your Twitter Account and Connecting your YouTube Account with your Twitter Account.  Connecting your accounts makes it easier to post your updates in multiple places with minimal effort.  When you upload a new video, it can be automatically posted to Twitter and Facebook.  YouContinue reading “Connecting Twitter with LinkedIn”

Learning to Use Twitter

I’ve heard many active Facebook users complain that they just “don’t get” Twitter.  I remember that feeling.  Three years ago when a colleague introduced me to Twitter and told me we were going to start using it for our company, I resisted.  I just didn’t get it.  Although I was an active Facebook user forContinue reading “Learning to Use Twitter”