My Todoist Year in Review

One email I look forward to receiving every year is my Todoist Year in Review! I am a total productivity geek. I love making myself lists of things I need to do and then checking items off my list throughout the day. I use Todoist to manage my personal to dos, my work to dos,Continue reading “My Todoist Year in Review”

How to Get Things Done Without Feeling Overwhelmed

The average person has 50-150 “next action” items on their list – the next action needed to move a project forward (i.e. call this person, brainstorm ideas for a talk I’m giving, follow up with XYZ on…). What happens when you get those 50-150 things done? You send an email, you get an email back.Continue reading “How to Get Things Done Without Feeling Overwhelmed”

Your GTD + Todoist Toolkit

I am a total productivity geek! I love reading books about productivity, and I love checklists. I first started using Todoist a few years ago to manage my “to-dos.” Then when I read Getting Things Done a little over a year ago, I became obsessed with configuring Todoist so I could use it along withContinue reading “Your GTD + Todoist Toolkit”