Recap of the Science of Timing Webinar by Dan Zarrella

This week I attended the Science of Timing webinar by HubSpot Social Media Scientist, Dan Zarrella (@DanZarrella).  I had never attended a webinar by Dan Zarrella before, and I found it very informative.  I would certainly attend another webinar done by him any time!  Here are a few things I learned from this particular webinar:Continue reading “Recap of the Science of Timing Webinar by Dan Zarrella”

What type of social media sharer are you?

The beauty of social networking is that, just like in real life, online we all have different personalities and levels of interest/interaction.  Combine that with the different “atmosphere” of each social media platform and you get a world of different opinions about what to share and how to share it.  Below are six main typesContinue reading “What type of social media sharer are you?”

Using LinkedIn Groups for Networking

You can find a group for almost any professional endeavor on LinkedIn.  The groups you belong to on LinkedIn show up on your profile page for everyone to see.  Simply belonging to groups is a good way to show what topics are important to you and what communities you associate with.  Many people, though, belongContinue reading “Using LinkedIn Groups for Networking”