Networking on Pinterest

Yesterday I discussed pinning books in a similar genre to yours in order to begin networking with people who are interested in that genre.  Here are three more ways to network with Pinterest users: 1. Seek out people that might be interested in your genre.  For example, if your book is about gardening, look for PinnersContinue reading “Networking on Pinterest”

5 Ways to Creatively Promote Your Book on Pinterest

This week we have discussed the basics of your Pinterest profile and the items every author should pin to promote their book. Today we will talk about more creative ways to market your book on Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual place. We have already discussed pinning the obvious visual elements of your book — cover,Continue reading “5 Ways to Creatively Promote Your Book on Pinterest”

Pinterest: Profile Basics

Yesterday I talked about the basic pins every author should have on Pinterest to promote their book. Today I want to take one step backward and talk about the basic considerations for the setup of your Pinterest account. If you are new to Pinterest or have never really set up your profile, let’s take aContinue reading “Pinterest: Profile Basics”