The argument against connecting your social media accounts

In the following recent posts I’ve talked about connecting your social accounts: Connecting Twitter and Facebook Connecting Your Blog with Twitter Connecting YouTube with Twitter Connecting Twitter and LinkedIn Now that you know how to do this, I’m going to give you another perspective and you’ll have to decide what makes sense for you.  ManyContinue reading “The argument against connecting your social media accounts”

Connecting Twitter with LinkedIn

Previously I talked about Connecting your Twitter and Facebook Accounts, Connecting your Blog with your Twitter Account and Connecting your YouTube Account with your Twitter Account.  Connecting your accounts makes it easier to post your updates in multiple places with minimal effort.  When you upload a new video, it can be automatically posted to Twitter and Facebook.  YouContinue reading “Connecting Twitter with LinkedIn”

Connecting Your Blog with Your Twitter Account

If you’re keeping up with your blog, posting two, three, five times a week, you may not always remember to then share those posts with the rest of your network.  I suggest setting up a simple automatic feed from your blog to your Twitter account so you never even have to think about it.  IfContinue reading “Connecting Your Blog with Your Twitter Account”