BOOK REVIEW: Conversation Marketing by Ian Lurie

FROM AMAZON: The Internet offers a unique, two-way marketing medium. Used correctly, it can help organizations of all sizes to get attention, attract customers, and build sales. From design to content and search engine optimization, this book provides a complete model for successful internet marketing in organizations of all sizes. MY REVIEW: I “met” IanContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Conversation Marketing by Ian Lurie”

5 Ways to Promote Your Book by Giving Away the First Chapter

I love Amazon!  I frequently search for books on Amazon.  I pay attention to what Amazon recommends for me.  I have a Kindle and often check Amazon’s list of “Top 100 Free” Kindle Ebooks.  As a reader, the choices for “what to read next” are endless.  My “to read” list is never under 25 books.Continue reading “5 Ways to Promote Your Book by Giving Away the First Chapter”

SEO Copywriting – Ebook by Ian Lurie

A lot of startups will make pretty-shiny websites and spend a lot of time writing out their articles, blogging, guest posting, issuing press releases….but they don’t know how to get the full SEO value out of it. This means they’re doing all the work, but not getting the full benefit. They would be PRIME candidatesContinue reading “SEO Copywriting – Ebook by Ian Lurie”