Facebook Etiquette – How to Keep the Friends You Have

I recently asked my Facebook friends what they wish people would STOP doing on Facebook.  Based on their feedback, here are the top 8 things to avoid doing on Facebook (if you want your friends to keep following you that is): Complaining – A complaint here or there is understandable, but don’t bombard your FacebookContinue reading “Facebook Etiquette – How to Keep the Friends You Have”

Connecting your Twitter and Facebook accounts

We’ve talked about how to set up a Twitter account, what to tweet and how to set up a Facebook Page for your book.  At any point, have you thought: Who has time to post status updates in two different places?  If so, you’re right.  Although it is important to monitor activity on both sites,Continue reading “Connecting your Twitter and Facebook accounts”

Creating a Facebook Page to Promote Your Book, 5 Easy Steps

This post was originally published in 2011.Due to its popularity, I have updated it on June 4, 2015. Given that the number of active users on Facebook is now nearly 1.5 billion, most likely you already have a Facebook account, along with your neighbor, your grandma and your college roommate.  With all of the connections you already have onContinue reading “Creating a Facebook Page to Promote Your Book, 5 Easy Steps”