Facebook Ads for Authors: A Brief Overview

I’m here today to shine a light on a powerful tool you may not be utilizing to its full potential: Facebook Ads for Authors. As authors, we’re constantly on the hunt for new ways to reach our audience and increase our book’s visibility. Social media is a powerful ally, and Facebook Ads offer a directContinue reading “Facebook Ads for Authors: A Brief Overview”

Growing and Engaging Your Facebook Audience

Today, we’re zeroing in on the tactics for growing and engaging your Facebook audience. In our last couple of posts, we unpacked the power of Facebook for book promotion and the creation of an appealing author page. But the beauty of an author page comes to light when we have an active audience. So today,Continue reading “Growing and Engaging Your Facebook Audience”

Master the Art of an Engaging Facebook Author Page

In my last post, we unearthed the incredible potential of Facebook as an untapped resource for book promotion. Today, we’ll peel back another layer of the Facebook mystery and uncover the art of crafting an engaging Facebook author page. In this era of digital marketing, your Facebook author page can act as a magnet, attractingContinue reading “Master the Art of an Engaging Facebook Author Page”