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Running an Ad on Facebook to Promote Your Book

Last week I mentioned a few ways to build your fan base on Facebook.  Another way to build your fan base is to place an ad on Facebook, if you are willing to spend money on advertising.  The advertisement can be well tied to your website, Facebook page and your blog.  Fees for ads on Facebook are assessed on a “pay per click” basis.  From within your Facebook page, click “Promote with an Ad.”  On the right side, Facebook will show you the estimated reach for your ad, based on the settings you choose for Location, Demographics, Likes & Interests, and Connections on Facebook.

The cost per click will also be determined by these settings and you can tweak them to come up with the appropriate balance of your estimated reach and price you are willing to pay.  You can determine your budget for the ad by entering the dollar amount you are willing to pay per day (or select “Lifetime Budget”) and the length of time you want the ad to run.


Building a Fan Base for Your Facebook Page

Now that you have your Facebook Page set up, you need to build a fan base for your page.  Here are five things you can do right away to start increasing your Facebook fans.

  1. Share your page with your existing Facebook friends and ask them to share the page with their friends.
  2. Let your employees and current clients or customers know about your Facebook page if they are not already friends with you personally on Facebook.
  3. Add a link to your Facebook page on your website and/or blog.
  4. Add a link to your Facebook page in your email signature.
  5. If you have a newsletter or email list, let your readers know about your new Facebook page.


Creating a Facebook Page to Promote Your Book, 5 Easy Steps

This post was originally published in 2011.
Due to its popularity, I have updated it on June 4, 2015.

number-591945_1280Given that the number of active users on Facebook is now nearly 1.5 billion, most likely you already have a Facebook account, along with your neighbor, your grandma and your college roommate.  With all of the connections you already have on Facebook, promoting your book to your Facebook Friends is easy, but you can also create a Facebook Page for your book (or yourself as an author if you have multiple books).

Here are 5 quick steps to creating a Facebook Page:

  1. Within Facebook, make sure you’re in “Home” view (where you read your News Feed).
  2. In the left column, under PAGES, click “Create Page.”
  3. Review the page type options and select the appropriate option.  To set up a page for your book, select the “Entertainment” box and then select “Book” from the drop down menu and type in the name of your book.  To set up a page for you as an author (with multiple books to promote under your name), select the “Artist, Band or Public Figure” box and then select “Author” from the drop down menu and type in your name (or pen name).
  4. Read the Facebook Pages Terms and click “Get Started.”
  5. That’s it!  You have set up an official Facebook Page for your book (or author profile). Now Facebook will now walk you through the following additional steps to complete your new Page, including:
  • Adding an image – i.e. your book cover or professional author photo
  • Describing your page
  • Adding a URL for your author website (if you have one)

Once you have all of the details ready you can invite your existing friends/followers (on Facebook and/or other sites) to join your page and add a Facebook button or “Like” box to your own site to start increasing traffic to your page.  You will want to begin posting status updates on a regular basis.

Having set up the page, you will automatically be a Page Admin.  You can add additional Admins at any time.  Managing your page can be done easily anytime you’re on Facebook.  You can find your page listed in the left-hand menu under the PAGES header.

If you don’t already have a Facebook Page for your book, give it a try!

~Happy Facebooking!