The Dos and Don’ts of Twitter

Once you understand the basic concepts of Twitter and begin to get your feet wet in the “Twittosphere,” your unique online personality will develop.  The beauty of Twitter is that your network is what you make of it.  What you tweet about and how you tweet will determine who follows you.  And your own personalContinue reading “The Dos and Don’ts of Twitter”

The 5 Be’s of LinkedIn Etiquette

Be complete with your profile.  At the bare minimum your profile should include a professional image, your current position and 3-5 previous positions, your last school, and a link to your website or blog if you have one.  These pieces of information will help present and former colleagues locate you and verify your identity inContinue reading “The 5 Be’s of LinkedIn Etiquette”

Facebook Etiquette – How to Keep the Friends You Have

I recently asked my Facebook friends what they wish people would STOP doing on Facebook.  Based on their feedback, here are the top 8 things to avoid doing on Facebook (if you want your friends to keep following you that is): Complaining – A complaint here or there is understandable, but don’t bombard your FacebookContinue reading “Facebook Etiquette – How to Keep the Friends You Have”