How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Your Book Reviewed

I receive book review requests from authors daily. And I love getting these requests! Unfortunately, however, I can’t review every book authors ask me to read. I have to be somewhat choosy or I would never do anything but read 24/7. I read every request I receive, and I’ve started to notice things some authorsContinue reading “How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Your Book Reviewed”

Book Marketing Tip – Writing Reviews [Guest Post]

Book Marketing Tip – Writing ReviewsBy Matthew Robert Payne Have you ever been on Amazon browsing reviews and then read a really good review and decided to buy the book that you are looking at because of the review? A well-crafted review can really tip the scales for me when I am looking to readContinue reading “Book Marketing Tip – Writing Reviews [Guest Post]”

The Power of Connecting with Your Readers

On Fridays I post on the Self Publishing Advisor blog.  Today’s post may be applicable to those of you who have published a book and wonder about thanking reviewers.  Here it is: ★★★ What do you do when you receive a good review for your book?  Do you thank the reviewer? Authors often ask me if thisContinue reading “The Power of Connecting with Your Readers”