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5 Book Marketing Tips for December

Every month I post my top five book marketing tips for the month.  This is originally posted on the Self Publishing Advisor blog and I always like to share it with my followers here so you don’t miss it.  Here are the top five tips for December:


The holidays are here and while you are probably busy with holiday parties, baking, family gatherings, etc., don’t forget about book marketing.  Here are a few things you can do this month to promote your book:

  1. Give copies of your book away as holiday gifts.
  2. Add a Kindle edition (or other ebook format).  Many people will be giving away ebook readers as holiday gifts.  Make sure your book is available in at least one e-bookstore for potential readers who will be browsing for books to read after they receive their gift.
  3. Enter your book in the ForeWord Book of the Year Award contest.  Deadline is January 15th, so submit it now before it’s too late.
  4. Start planning for 2012.  As you make your new year resolutions, consider your book marketing efforts and how you will increase or modify them in the new year.  Reflecting on what worked well over the last year and what didn’t will help you plan for a bigger and better 2012!
  5. Enjoy the season!  Take a break for a few days to enjoy your family and maybe even begin writing your next book.

DISCUSSION: How are you planning to promote YOUR book this month?


5 Book Marketing Tips for November

Earlier this month I posted the top five book marketing tips for November on the Self Publishing Advisor blog.  Here is that post in case you missed it:


Halloween is over and holiday shopping has begun!  During the hustle and bustle of all of the holidays events, don’t miss out on any opportunities to market your book.  Here are five easy ways to promote your book this month:

  1. Make sure you have business cards with your book cover image ready to hand out at all of your holiday events this year.
  2. Many book award deadlines are approaching fast. Make sure you have plenty of copies on hand to send out to the award competitions you want to enter.  Winning awards will increase the exposure for your book.
  3. One upcoming book award deadline is for the Reader Views Literary book awards is Friday, December 15th. Another upcoming deadline is for the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards, December 31st.  Visit their websites now to find out if your book is eligible and submit your book before you get caught up in holiday activities.
  4. Offer a Black Friday deal on your book.  Visit http://www.couponsnapshot.com/ to get a promotion coupon for your book.
  5. Visit the website for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) to find out about events in your area during the month of November.  At NaNoWriMo you can write a novel (in a month!), network and get support from other writers.

DISCUSSION: How are you planning to promote YOUR book this month?

5 Book Marketing Tips for September

My Friday post on the Self Publishing Advisor blog has been moved to Wednesdays.  Here is a sneak peek at tomorrow’s post for those of you who are always looking for new ways to promote your book:


It is back to school time!  Now that summer is over, it’s time to get back the business of promoting your book.  Here are five easy ways to promote your book this month:

  1. I’m a little late this month, but Labor Day was on Monday. What better to do on Labor Day than sit back with a cup of coffee and a nice book to read? Remember that next year.  😉  Labor Day weekend is a great time to ask friends, colleagues and other potential book reviewers to read your book and write a review for you.
  2. Make a list of local independent bookstores you will visit to pitch your book or author event.  To find your local independent bookstores, visit:  http://www.indiebound.org/indie-store-finder
  3. Create a CD Media Kit to send out to the media and book buyers.  Be sure to include a high resolution image of your cover, an author bio, synopsis, any recent press and your contact information.
  4. The Beijing Book Fair takes place September 29th through October 2nd. Even if you’re not travelling to Beijing this month, pay attention to the buzz in the publishing industry and keep yourself informed about what’s going on throughout the event.
  5. Use FreeConference.com to record your own teleseminar. You can do this to promote your current book – present on a topic related to your subject matter – or record yourself discussing a different topic and have the recording transcribed into your next book!

DISCUSSION: How are you planning to promote YOUR book this month