How to Share Quotes From Your Book on TikTok

Book quote videos can be really boring…OR they can be a lot of fun. Your goal is to make yours one of the latter. The difference here will come down to your creativity and originality. What makes the quote shareable? Is it romantic? Inspiring? Shocking? Thought-provoking?  Think about how you can tie that into theContinue reading “How to Share Quotes From Your Book on TikTok”

How to Promote Your Book by Dueting other TikTokers

A “Duet” on TikTok is where you can record a video next to someone else’s video. There are actually four different ways you can position your duet recording: Left & Right — your video side-by-side with the original video Green Screen — your face /upper body over the original video React — your video asContinue reading “How to Promote Your Book by Dueting other TikTokers”

16 Prompts to Help You Share Your Publishing Experience on TikTok

Similar to my post last week, if you’ve published a book, then obviously you have valuable experience to share. Consider yourself a resource for aspiring authors because that’s exactly what you are.  Here’s a list of 16 questions you can address in TikTok videos: