Create a Scene on TikTok

By “create a scene” on TikTok, I’m not suggesting you do something crazy, although sometimes that can work very well to build followers!  What I really mean is: What is your book about? Where does it take place? Think about the ways you can show viewers the scenes from your book.  Here are a fewContinue reading “Create a Scene on TikTok”

10 TikTok Challenges for Authors

An “Author Challenge” is a type of video where another TikToker asks authors to show (or tell) us something about them and/or their book(s). By searching the #AuthorChallenge hashtag, I found the following ten Author Challenges that authors can participate in: In this Author Challenge, the sounds prompts the author to show that book that:Continue reading “10 TikTok Challenges for Authors”

Interview with Javier Garay, Children’s Book Author

Meet Javier Garay, children’s book author and TikTok star! Kelly Schuknecht interviews Javier Garay to discuss how authors can use TikTok to promote their books. Javier has nearly 24K followers and talks about his experience with using TikTok to generate more sales for his books. Watch the interview to learn more about Javier, his books,Continue reading “Interview with Javier Garay, Children’s Book Author”