How to run a (legal) giveaway for your book on TikTok

Giveaways can be a lot of fun. They foster engagement from the #BookTok community which can lead to more follows and increased exposure for your book. While your ultimate goal may be book sales, the more people you can get your book in front of, the greater your chances of making a sale. I amContinue reading “How to run a (legal) giveaway for your book on TikTok”

Get your book reviewed by fellow TikTok-ers

The length of TikTok videos is limited to 60 seconds.  Have you ever tried to review a book in 60 seconds? I can hardly respond to anything in less than a minute. This is the beauty of TikTok book reviews! The length restriction requires the reviewer to be concise and creative with their review. I’veContinue reading “Get your book reviewed by fellow TikTok-ers”

Tease Viewers With Your Book Synopsis

There are so many ways you can tease viewers with your book synopsis. I’ve seen authors tease their synopsis in 1-2 sentences or many more. I recommend researching other authors on TikTok to see how they do this. This will help inspire you. Make a list of ideas for your own book. Here are threeContinue reading “Tease Viewers With Your Book Synopsis”