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Category: Social Media

You’re an Author on Twitter, Now What?

Last week I talked about how to set up a Twitter account.  You have your account set up, so now what?  Now it’s time to start building your community.  Unlike Facebook, you do not need to “friend” the people you want to follow.  You can “follow” another person to keep up with their tweets (or messages on Twitter) without having the other person accept or approve the connection.  Some may follow you back, some may not.  Likewise, people can follow you without your having to accept or approve them.  It is… Read more You’re an Author on Twitter, Now What?

Overview of Your Online Presence

No matter what your goals are, as an author your online presence is important and should be thoroughly reviewed and perfected.  Your personal website or blog, your profile on Amazon and any other social networking sites may be viewed by potential customers and should accurately reflect who you are and help sell your book.  If you have a website or blog, you will most likely want to list information about your book.  This can include:  About the book About the author Testimonials/reviews Link to purchase the book on Amazon or other… Read more Overview of Your Online Presence