How Indie Book Marketing Has Evolved Over the Past Year [Guest Post]

Guest Post submitted by Savannah Cordova of Reedsy After more than a year of COVID-19, authors and publishers are all too familiar with shuttered bookstores, reimagined events, and unpredictable cancellations. But as we emerge from a world in lockdown, the question of how indie book marketing will adapt to our new reality has become evenContinue reading “How Indie Book Marketing Has Evolved Over the Past Year [Guest Post]”

Why Self-Publish Your Book? [Guest Post]

Self-publishing is one of the best options for aspiring authors. eBooks especially cost almost nothing to produce and are far easier to publish than many people believe. This article presents four fabulous reasons why self-publishing deserves serious consideration by every prospective author.

This year I will be a NaNo Rebel

Earlier this year I wrote a post titled “I’m back!” My plan was to begin posting regularly again on this blog as I had let some time get away from me in 2012 and wanted to get back to working on my book, which is being put together from the posts of this blog. However,Continue reading “This year I will be a NaNo Rebel”