What Publishers Look For In a Manuscript [Guest Post]

Off the bat, can I just say that I help to run a traditional, indie publishing company and we NEVER charge our authors for any services. In this industry, there are many sharks circling, waiting to take a desperate writer’s money. As anauthor, even a new one, money should flow to you and not awayContinue reading “What Publishers Look For In a Manuscript [Guest Post]”

Authors: Simple Ways to Generate Multiple Streams of Revenue From Nonfiction Books [Guest Post]

As an author, it’s likely you not only want to write, you also want to make money from your writing. The first thing to do is realize there are many ways for an author to make money from their writings. Book sales are obviously one way, but not the only way. You also have opportunities through speaking engagements, consulting, coaching and information products.

Surprise Ending for Publishers: In 2020, Business Was Good – The New York Times

How did the pandemic year affect publishers (as well as authors and readers)? Find out in this NYT article: With people stuck at home and so many other activities shut down, a lot of reading — or at least a lot of book buying — happened this year. — Read on http://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/29/books/book-publishing-2020.html