How to Incorporate the GTD Methodology with Todoist

I shared the following post on Instagram a few months ago when I was challenged by a team at work to read the book Getting Things Done by David Allen. Well, I finished the book and it was life-changing! In this post, I’ll share a little about what I learned and how I’ve maximized theContinue reading “How to Incorporate the GTD Methodology with Todoist”

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant (and Why You Should)

Have you ever thought about hiring a Virtual Assistant? Virtual Assistants can help take day-to-day tasks off your plate to give you more time to focus on what you’re good at and what you enjoy. There are millions of small tasks you do every day that can easily be handled by a professional assistant. WhereContinue reading “How to Hire a Virtual Assistant (and Why You Should)”

My Todoist Year in Review

One email I look forward to receiving every year is my Todoist Year in Review! Yes, I am a total productivity geek. I love making myself lists of things I need to do and then checking items off my list throughout the day. I use Todoist to manage my personal to dos, my work toContinue reading “My Todoist Year in Review”