A Few Things More Important Than Marketing Your Book

No matter what you do to promote your book, the most important factor is the book itself.  Great writing and well-planned marketing go hand-in-hand.  If your book is full of grammatical errors or has a weak plot, all the marketing in the world can only take the book so far.  Similarly, an amazing, bestseller-quality bookContinue reading “A Few Things More Important Than Marketing Your Book”

Using Amazon Tags to Promote Your Book

A Tag on Amazon is a keyword or category label that customers can add. Tags can help customers find similar items on Amazon.  For example, adding Tags to the listing for your book on Amazon can help customers find your book when they are searching the Tags for similar books. You can find the TagContinue reading “Using Amazon Tags to Promote Your Book”

Pay Attention! – Use Google Alerts to Promote Your Book

There are a number of ways you can use Google Alerts in your book promotion efforts. One way is to use them to be alerted any time your name or the title of your book is mentioned on the Web.  Then you can follow up quickly when any promotional opportunities come up. You can setContinue reading “Pay Attention! – Use Google Alerts to Promote Your Book”