Marketing Strategies to Grow and Scale [Video]

Last week I had a chance to tag along in Stephen Pope’s presentation to accounting firm owners on Marketing Strategies to Grow and Scale Your Practice: Leverage your knowledge and expertise to drive business growth through thought leadership and content marketing. We will walk you through how to stand out and build a trusted brand.Continue reading “Marketing Strategies to Grow and Scale [Video]”

The 5 Be’s of LinkedIn Etiquette

Be complete with your profile.  At the bare minimum your profile should include a professional image, your current position and 3-5 previous positions, your last school, and a link to your website or blog if you have one.  These pieces of information will help present and former colleagues locate you and verify your identity inContinue reading “The 5 Be’s of LinkedIn Etiquette”

Using LinkedIn Groups for Networking

You can find a group for almost any professional endeavor on LinkedIn.  The groups you belong to on LinkedIn show up on your profile page for everyone to see.  Simply belonging to groups is a good way to show what topics are important to you and what communities you associate with.  Many people, though, belongContinue reading “Using LinkedIn Groups for Networking”