Create a Scene on TikTok

By “create a scene” on TikTok, I’m not suggesting you do something crazy, although sometimes that can work very well to build followers!  What I really mean is: What is your book about? Where does it take place? Think about the ways you can show viewers the scenes from your book.  Here are a fewContinue reading “Create a Scene on TikTok”

10 TikTok Challenges for Authors

An “Author Challenge” is a type of video where another TikToker asks authors to show (or tell) us something about them and/or their book(s). By searching the #AuthorChallenge hashtag, I found the following ten Author Challenges that authors can participate in: In this Author Challenge, the sounds prompts the author to show that book that:Continue reading “10 TikTok Challenges for Authors”

How to Share Your Book Reviews on TikTok

As I was preparing to write this post, I saw this TikTok by @dylanwhitewrites that cracked me up: The text on the screen says:  “When someone leaves a long, scathing one-star review…” And the sound (that he’s lip syncing to) says: “Wow, that’s a lot of words…” “Too bad I’m not reading ‘em.” (As heContinue reading “How to Share Your Book Reviews on TikTok”