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Category: book marketing

5 Ways to Promote Your Non-Fiction Book

Once you have a great title, an amazing cover and killer content, you’re ready to launch your book!  Here are five ways to promote your non-fiction book.


How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Book

Social media is one of the best book marketing tools available to authors. It is the digital era’s version of word of mouth marketing, and it is free, easy to use, and effective. Some of the most popular social sites include Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Regardless of which sites you decide to use, there are a few tips to maximize your marketing efforts. Here is what you need to know about using social media to promote your book. Always include a cover photo. Ideally, this photo should be the cover of… Read more How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Book

I’m back!

You may (or may not) have not noticed this blog has been on hiatus for the last year.  On December 31, 2011 I posted the top 5 blog posts of 2011 and decided to take a short break.  I never intended for that break to last the full year, but things happen. What have I been up to these past 12 months? Well, my job as Vice President of Outskirts Press keeps me very busy.  I also read and reviewed a few books like Thank God It’s Monday! and Juliet,… Read more I’m back!