Top 5 Bloggers Authors Should Follow for Self-Publishing and Book Marketing Advice

As an author, you can gain a wealth of knowledge and learn invaluable resources by following a few key blogs.  Sign up to have these blog posts delivered directly to your email inbox so you don’t have to keep checking each site for the newest information.  Then, read the tips when you receive them andContinue reading “Top 5 Bloggers Authors Should Follow for Self-Publishing and Book Marketing Advice”

5 SEO Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is the process of getting a website (or blog) to show up higher in search engine rankings.  The higher your site shows up when someone searches online by specific keywords, the more visitors your site will have.  As an author, your website or blog is promoting your book, so youContinue reading “5 SEO Tips to Increase Blog Traffic”

Connecting Your Blog with Your Twitter Account

If you’re keeping up with your blog, posting two, three, five times a week, you may not always remember to then share those posts with the rest of your network.  I suggest setting up a simple automatic feed from your blog to your Twitter account so you never even have to think about it.  IfContinue reading “Connecting Your Blog with Your Twitter Account”