The Importance of a Good Headline

One of my favorite bloggers (Ian Lurie) recently wrote a post about the importance of headlines, with lots of examples of what not to do.  If you’re up for a laugh, give it a read: 25 cringe- or shrug-worth headlines When writing a blog post or article, your headline should grab the attention of your potentialContinue reading “The Importance of a Good Headline”

Recap of the Science of Timing Webinar by Dan Zarrella

This week I attended the Science of Timing webinar by HubSpot Social Media Scientist, Dan Zarrella (@DanZarrella).  I had never attended a webinar by Dan Zarrella before, and I found it very informative.  I would certainly attend another webinar done by him any time!  Here are a few things I learned from this particular webinar:Continue reading “Recap of the Science of Timing Webinar by Dan Zarrella”

How To Network With Other Bloggers

As a blogger you have two choices: 1. You can simply post content and wait for your readership to grow (the “if you build it they will come” philosophy).  Readers will find your blog by search engines.  If you’re lucky, they might share a post within their own social networks which can draw even moreContinue reading “How To Network With Other Bloggers”