Blogs: Love vs. Hate

I recently asked my followers what they LOVE and what they HATE about blogs they have visited.  Here is the consensus based on their feedback: LOVE HATE Whitespace “Click to read more” links Readable font Difficult to read or navigate Not too many advertisements Too many advertisements Updated regularly No “about” page What do YOUContinue reading “Blogs: Love vs. Hate”

10 Ways to Come Up With New Blog Topic Ideas

As a blogger, have you ever struggled with coming up with ideas for new blog posts?  I think we’ve all been there!  Here are a few ideas to help you come up with new topics for your blog posts: Think about the frequently asked questions in your area.  What are the common questions from theContinue reading “10 Ways to Come Up With New Blog Topic Ideas”

The Importance of a Good Headline

One of my favorite bloggers (Ian Lurie) recently wrote a post about the importance of headlines, with lots of examples of what not to do.  If you’re up for a laugh, give it a read: 25 cringe- or shrug-worth headlines When writing a blog post or article, your headline should grab the attention of your potentialContinue reading “The Importance of a Good Headline”