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Kelly Schuknecht

Hi, I’m Kelly. I’m a marketer by day, blogger by night. With a background in the publishing industry, I’m passionate about helping authors navigate the world of social media to promote their books. My blog includes posts about book marketing, social media, book reviews, author interviews, remote work, and more!

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Meet the Author Monday is designed to help you as an author reach a larger audience to make more connections and promote your book.

These posts are promoted on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook (in multiple book groups). Be sure to include your social media links in the questionnaire so I can tag you in the posts.

The process is super simple. I’ll send you the interview questionnaire. You complete the form and let me know when you’re done. Then I’ll schedule your feature and will let you know what day it will be published.

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“People can’t read a book if they don’t know it exists.
All authors need to do marketing,
regardless of how they published.”

Jo Linsdell