Self-Publishing Authors Must Always Be Prepared for Book Marketing

As a self-publishing author, there are a number of materials you will want to have on hand at all times in order to promote your book whenever you have the opportunity. Make sure you have everything you need to promote your book ready to send out in a moment’s notice to potential reviewers, media, bookstores orContinue reading “Self-Publishing Authors Must Always Be Prepared for Book Marketing”

Define Your Book Marketing Goals

Before you can begin marketing your book, you need to determine your goals.  Many authors want to profit from their book, but this may not be the primary goal for every self-publishing author.  Your goal may be to develop a platform as an author, particularly if you have published (or plan to publish) a numberContinue reading “Define Your Book Marketing Goals”

What this blog is about…

You have invested an enormous amount of time and energy in the writing and publishing of your book.  Now you get to sit back and watch it sell, right?  Unfortunately, no; promoting your book is a whole new stage of the process, but fortunately, marketing can be fun!  As a self-published (or self-publishing) author, theContinue reading “What this blog is about…”