Pay Attention! – Use Google Alerts to Promote Your Book

There are a number of ways you can use Google Alerts in your book promotion efforts. One way is to use them to be alerted any time your name or the title of your book is mentioned on the Web.  Then you can follow up quickly when any promotional opportunities come up. You can setContinue reading “Pay Attention! – Use Google Alerts to Promote Your Book”

Overview of Your Amazon Presence

In my last post I talked about the importance of your online presence as a self-publishing author, including your website, blog and social networking profiles.  If your book is listed on, you should also thoroughly review and perfect the listing for your book and your Amazon profile.  Remember, this is your opportunity to sellContinue reading “Overview of Your Amazon Presence”

Overview of Your Online Presence

No matter what your goals are, as an author your online presence is important and should be thoroughly reviewed and perfected.  Your personal website or blog, your profile on Amazon and any other social networking sites may be viewed by potential customers and should accurately reflect who you are and help sell your book.  If youContinue reading “Overview of Your Online Presence”