BOOK REVIEW: The Pond by Tamera Lawrence

ABOUT THE BOOK: Do the Adam’s have more to fear from the living or the dead? Twenty-five years have passed since eight-year old Carl Weber drowned in Gray’s Pond, and now one member of the Adam’s family has returned to Kimberton, Pennsylvania, to reside once again in the old mansion. It is time for MichaelContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: The Pond by Tamera Lawrence”

Running an Ad on Facebook to Promote Your Book

Last week I mentioned a few ways to build your fan base on Facebook.  Another way to build your fan base is to place an ad on Facebook, if you are willing to spend money on advertising.  The advertisement can be well tied to your website, Facebook page and your blog.  Fees for ads onContinue reading “Running an Ad on Facebook to Promote Your Book”

Building Recommendations on LinkedIn

For non-fiction writers, building your recommendations on LinkedIn will help establish your credibility in your field.  Even if you are a fiction writer, you may want to build your LinkedIn recommendations for other professional reasons.  You never know when they may come in handy if you find yourself job searching in the future.  Your resumeContinue reading “Building Recommendations on LinkedIn”