About Me

Hi, I’m Kelly Schuknecht.

By day, I am a marketer, book blogger, and author coach. I worked in the publishing industry for a decade, started my book blog on the side to connect more with authors, and now get to help authors learn how to get out of their comfort zone so they can increase their book sales.

The rest of the time, I am a busy wife and mom of three teenagers (one girl and two boys) plus two fur babies. My kids do not necessarily love that their mom has more followers on TikTok than they do! 😉

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When I was working in the publishing industry, I was always an early adopter of any new social media platform that came out. I am fascinated by how the different platforms appeal to different people and how you can reach your target audience on the right platform if you really get to understand the ecosystem of the platform and how it works.

If you’re wanting to start growing your audience on TikTok, then you’re in the right place!

Because these days, my mission is to help authors like you learn the ecosystem of TikTok, grow your audience, and sell more books! I do this in a few of different ways:

  1. I offer a free guide where you can learn 19 Ways to Promote Your Book on TikTok.
  2. I wrote a book called Marketing Your Book on TikTok. It’s available on Amazon (and it’s free in the Kindle Unlimited program).
  3. I also launched a course which is also called Marketing Your Book on TikTok

Check out any of these resources if you’re ready to get a little more serious about reaching your target reader on TikTok. Either way, I hope you’ll follow my blog for content related to books and book marketing.

Here are a few of my most popular posts:

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Want to book me to speak on your podcast, webinar or other event?

Here are a few of the topics I can speak on:

  • Why authors should be using TikTok as a marketing platform
  • How authors can use TikTok to promote their books
  • How to grow your audience on TikTok as an author (fiction and/or nonfiction)
  • 19 ways to promote your book on TikTok

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