BOOK REVIEW: The Drowning Woman by Robyn Harding

The Drowning Woman

BOOK REVIEW: The Drowning Woman
by Robyn Harding


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Lee Gulliver never thought she’d find herself living on the streets—no one ever does—but when her restaurant fails, and she falls deeper into debt, she leaves her old life behind with nothing but her clothes and her Toyota Corolla. In Seattle, she parks in a secluded spot by the beach to lay low and plan her next move—until early one morning, she sees a sobbing woman throw herself into the ocean. Lee hauls the woman back to the surface, but instead of appreciation, she is met with fury. The drowning woman, Hazel, tells her that she wanted to die, that she’s trapped in a toxic, abusive marriage, that she’s a prisoner in her own home. Lee has thwarted her one chance to escape her life.

Out of options, Hazel retreats to her gilded cage, and Lee thinks she’s seen the last of her, until her unexpected return the next morning. Bonded by disparate but difficult circumstances, the women soon strike up a close and unlikely friendship. And then one day, Hazel makes a shocking request: she wants Lee to help her disappear. It’ll be easy, Hazel assures her, but Lee soon learns that nothing is as it seems, and that Hazel may not be the friend Lee thought she was.

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I discovered The Drowning Woman through a Bookstagrammer (but I can’t remember who!). She said she couldn’t put this book down. I rarely ever feel that way about a book, so I decided to give it a try.

Oh, my gosh! It was so good.

The book starts out with the main character, Lee, who went through a rough time as a restaurant owner during the pandemic and finds herself in a very unfortunate situation—homeless and on the run. Lee comes across another woman, Hazel, who is in a hopeless state who is attempting to commit suicide by drowning herself.

From there, the POV changes to that of the drowning woman and we discover more about her and her abusive marriage that lead her to this state. And from that point on, the story is full of twists and turns that truly make it nearly impossible to put down because you have to know more.

If you enjoy psychological thrillers, this one is a must read!

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