BOOK REVIEW: Brackish Waters by Matt Boren

Brackish Waters

BOOK REVIEW: Brackish Waters
by Matt Boren


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Christina Applegate slays in this unfiltered comedy about a fed-up mom having an epic existential meltdown after the vacation from hell

When Kate wins an item at her children’s elementary school auction – an all-inclusive trip to SeaView at Sandpiper Bay – she thinks it’s just what her family needs after a decade of career disappointments and a marriage on its last legs. She has no reason to believe that said trip is a Fyre Festival-level fraud and, in fact, the catalyst to her unraveling. But it is. Oh, but it is.

Upon her return home, Kate, a failed writer, sets out to publish the world’s most anthemic one-star Yelp review of SeaView at Sandpiper Bay, detailing her week from hell on its brackish waters. And it will be her masterpiece.

At first, it feels good to let her white-knuckled fingers fly ragefully across the keys. But after a while, Kate wonders: Is her Yelp review like the vacation itself, an ill-advised Band-Aid on problems she doesn’t know how to fix?

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I picked Brackish Waters because it was short, free with Audible, and narrated by Christina Applegate.

What I didn’t know about this book before I picked it was that it would be hilarious.

Christina Applegate plays the main character—Kate—who is going with her family on an all-inclusive vacation they had won through a school raffle fundraiser for something like $25. Turns out none of the other parents had even tried to win the trip because of who had donated it—Norma! Kate’s nemesis. The one-upper.

And, of course, Norma is there to witness (and one-up!) the entire experience.

The book is written as Kate’s review of the resort after the vacation. It’s sarcastic and laugh-out-loud funny. It’s super short—less than two hours—and had me rolling. If you enjoy sarcasm (especially from a bitter, middle-aged woman), give this one a listen.

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