BOOK REVIEW: Love at First Psych by Cara Bastone

Love at First Psych

BOOK REVIEW: Love at First Psych
by Cara Bastone


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True love is put to the test in this romantic comedy brought to hilarious life by Santino Fontana (FrozenThe Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), Stephanie Einstein, and a full cast!

Filling in the Black

This Psych 312 assignment just might send me off the deep end. Determining whether love at first sight really exists with Robbie Moravian as my project partner, of all people?

He’s the sappiest man alive, so upbeat I could scream, and clearly rooting for happy endings at every turn. How does he not learn from experience considering our own meet-cute last semester almost got us expelled?

But we both need to pass this course to graduate. So we’re interviewing five random couples about their meet-cutes and relationships and spending all this time together. Which is certainly…educational.

Because it turns out Robbie isn’t just the charming golden boy I thought I knew. There’s some actual depth beneath all those lame dad jokes and the ‘70s-inspired thrift wardrobe (even if he does look ridiculously great in a flared collar). Next thing I know he’s walking me back to my office on the regular and finishing all my sentences and protecting me from freak storms, and…

Wait. Could Robbie be right? Can happy endings really come from unhappy beginnings? Is he about to change my entire world view?

Group projects are the worst.

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I listened to Love at First Psych by Cara Bastone while running. I listened to a series by Cara Bastone last year and they were some of the best books I “read” all year.

I love the style of the audio. It’s like listening to a TV show from the other room. There are two readers playing each of the two characters and there are background sounds. It’s quite an experience. This book didn’t quite live up to the others, though.

Love at First Psych was entertaining and enjoyable. It just didn’t quite capture me like her other audiobooks.

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