BOOK REVIEW: Gray Man by Marc Van Bulck

Gray Man

by Marc Van Bulck


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As Hurricane Caleb slams into the small town of Pawleys Island, South Carolina, twenty-four-year-old Liam weathers personal storms in his own life. Reeling from an unexpected tragedy, he wanders the coast like an invisible man. He lives largely unnoticed, save for his friend, Aubrey, and her mother who lives with dialysis. As the threat of the storm draws closer, eerie encounters and strange dreams awaken old traumatic memories for each of them in a Low Country haunted by a few old ghosts of its own…

Based on one of the most famous spirit tales of the Carolinas, Gray Man is a quick and engaging read with a fast-paced plot, interesting, complex characters, and powerful themes of love, loss, and friendship. This poignant novella is a love letter to Pawleys Island that might just leave you with a few new thoughts on an old legend…

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Marc Van Bulck, the author of Gray Man, reached out and asked me to review his book. He sent me a free copy in exchange for my honest review, so here it is…

Gray Man: A Story by Marc Van Bulck tells the tale of Pawleys Island, South Carolina, bracing for an approaching hurricane.

While the concept of the gray man, a local legend associated with impending hurricanes, held potential, the execution fell short for me. The book is a quick read (just 88 pages), but it lacks substance. The atmospheric setting and the initial sense of impending danger were promising, but the characters lacked depth and failed to evoke a strong emotional connection.

This book may appeal to readers seeking a brief encounter with a supernatural twist, but overall, it failed to leave a lasting impact.

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