VIDEO BOOK REVIEW: Running Remote by Liam Martin and Rob Rawson 

Running Remote Book Review

About Running Remote (from Amazon):

Learn success secrets from original remote work pioneers on the mindset and strategies they developed to build and grow successful organizations from the ground up.

With the unprecedented rise in remote work due to the pandemic, many businesses have struggled with how to effectively transition to a distributed format. Meanwhile, companies who had always been remote-first had a unique advantage: a highly scalable set of work processes, a unique communication style, and the proper “async mindset” required to succeed without an office.  

This groundbreaking guide unlocks the secrets and the lessons discovered by those pioneer entrepreneurs and founders who have figured out how to harness the async mindset and grow their businesses remotely in the most the seamless, freeing, and cost-effective ways.

Once you accept and master some fundamental differences, remote work can fuel higher productivity, eliminate time-wasting meetings and treacherous commutes, and strip away the ugly politics that often undermine the most talented employees. It also leads to great cultural inclusivity and richer cultural exchange.  

Running Remote is for ventures of all stripes—companies small and large, one-person operations, mom-and-pop shops, and global mega-corporations. The lessons herein are as valuable for on-premises organizations as they are for the tech worker. 

Readers will:

  • Master the fundamentals of the async mindset by exploring three overarching principles—deliberate overcommunication, democratized workflow, and detailed metrics.
  • Learn nuts-and-bolts techniques and real-life lessons from remote work trailblazers who built successful all-remote organizations prior to the pandemic.
  • Gain a better understanding of why hiring, on-ramping, and managing in a remote context is totally different—again with methods and first-hand stories from the founders and leaders that did it first.
  • Lean how moving to a remote business model impacts traditional management and work processes.



Welcome to another video book review. Today we are looking at Running Remote by Liam Martin and Rob Rawson.

This book is an excellent resource for anyone looking to take their team fully remote (or learn how to better manage an already remote team).

Having worked remotely for 16 years, I am very aware that some companies do the remote thing well, and others do not. “The first mistake most companies make: trying to recreate the office.” Martin and Rawson advise against recreating the office in a remote work environment and instead focus on asynchronous communication. I’m still wrestling with this a bit because, while I am a big fan of asynchronous communication, it takes everyone’s buy-in to make it work.

Another thing that stood out to me in the book is that they mention multiple times how introverts are typically more successful in remote environments. Some of the reasons include the ability to focus without distractions, remote work often relies heavily on written communication, which can be a strength for introverts, and they are not outshined by the most charismatic person in the room as is usually the case in a traditional office. All of this resonated with me because I struggled when working in an office with constant distractions, yet thrived when I started working remotely.

Overall, Running Remote is a valuable resource for anyone managing a remote team (or thinking about it). It’s well-written and full of fantastic insights that will help you and your team excel in a remote work environment.

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