VIDEO BOOK REVIEW: The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll

The Bullet Journal Method

About The Bullet Journal Method (from Amazon):

There’s a reason this system for time management, goal setting, and intentional living has been adopted by millions around the globe: it works. Not only will you get more done, but you’ll get the right things done. All you need is a pen, paper, and five spare minutes a day.

In The Bullet Journal Method, Ryder Carroll, the system’s founder, provides an essential guide to avoiding all-too-common beginner mistakes and building a core discipline from which you can personalize your practice. You’ll not only learn to organize your tasks, but to focus your time and energy in pursuit of what’s truly meaningful to you by following three simple steps:

* Track the past. 
Create a clear and comprehensive record of your thoughts.

Order the present. Find daily calm and clarity by tackling your to-do list in a more mindful, systematic, and productive way.

* Design the future. Transform your vague curiosities into meaningful goals, and then break those goals into manageable action steps that lead to big change.

Whether you’re a frustrated list maker, an overwhelmed multitasker, or a creative who needs some structure, The Bullet Journal Method will help you go from passenger to pilot of your own life.



Welcome to another video book review. Today we are looking at The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll.

I didn’t really know much about bullet journaling before I read this book, other than the fact that it looked really intimidating. I would see images of bullet journaling, like maybe on Pinterest or somewhere, and it seemed like everyone who does it is really artistic and has these fancy lettering skills, which I don’t have.

I already keep a journal and I consider myself a fairly productive person. I practice GTD and I use Todoist to keep all of my to-dos organized. But I realized that I had been adding to-dos to my list and then letting that list grow and grow to the point that it was just getting out of hand. I wasn’t taking the proper steps to reflect on my list and make changes based on what was working and what clearly was not. My system just needed a reboot, so I decided to read The Bullet Journal Method.

I think the method is kind of complicated, but the author takes you through it step by step, so you just learn it kind of like a piece at a time until you then can put it all together. I’m not a hundred percent sure I’m doing it right, but what I’ve started doing is working for me. It’s helped me get refocused. It’s reminded me about the importance of time blocking, which I reincorporated into my daily routine, and it’s just kind of helping me stay focused.

If you want to start journaling or learn a new journaling method, get more organized and learn how to train yourself to focus on the most important things you need to do, I highly recommend this book.

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