BOOK REVIEW: Suffer by A.C. Sloan

Suffer by AC Sloan

by A.C. Sloan


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Theodosia and her bestie Sam are former high school outcasts who find escapism in a popular TV show called Suffer about a victims’ rights advocate named Marcia Suffer.

When the TV network that owns Suffer announces a contest — the chance to meet the show’s star, actress Roxy DeVine — Theo and Sam pull out all the stops to win. These days, Theo needs a win – any win — because lately life has been dealing her nothing but suffering.

After all, the girl’s got a lot on her plate: attending college, working part-time gigs to survive, and acting as caretaker to both her younger sister and an aging aunt. A little Hollywood magic is just what she needs.
As much as Theo and Sam adore Roxy DeVine, the rest of Hollywood despises the diva actress. In fact, rumors swirl that Roxy’s career is on the chopping block.

When Roxy DeVine goes missing after the show’s season finale, it’s anyone’s guess what happened to her!
Superfans Theo and Sam know more than they’re letting on.

Take a painfully funny peek behind the curtain of Hollywood stardom and fandom and find out today! Smash the buy button above and find out:
Where in the world is Roxy DeVine?

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I connected with A.C. Sloan, the author or Suffer, on TikTok. When she reached out and asked me to review her book, I put it up for a vote, and TikTok voted yes!

Sloan sent me a free copy of her book and I also downloaded a copy with Kindle Unlimited. The Kindle version came in handy because I had hand surgery in the middle of reading this book and ended up switching from the paperback format to the Kindle format when I temporarily couldn’t turn the pages.

When I first started reading this book I got a little nervous that there was going to be a lot of characters. I don’t do well when there are too many characters in a book. I can’t keep everyone straight and I don’t connect with any of them. But as the story went along it wasn’t really that many characters and she got deeper into the stories of just a few main characters.

There’s a part of the plot that gets a little dark, and I wondered where it was going. But it’s like a big part of the story so if you read it, you’ll totally understand. It was a little odd but made it interesting.

The book starts out with a group of friends that are all fans of this TV show. They watch the show religiously and even have an official fan group name. The woman who’s the main character in the TV show is not really a likable person in real life, but they don’t know that (yet).

The fan group interviews to be in a watch party so they can be seen live watching the show’s final episode of the season. From there it just turns into drama. It’s a really enjoyable story and fun getting to know the characters and how they evolve throughout the story.

I don’t even know how to categorize this book. Amazon has it listed as “dark comedy.” That’s probably pretty accurate. If you enjoy dark comedy and/or drama, I recommend this one!

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