BOOK REVIEW: Kaity’s Catch by J.J. Sommers

Kaity's Catch

BOOK REVIEW: Kaity’s Catch
by J.J. Sommers


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Can a fake relationship lead to real passion?

Kaity is too fat to pole dance. Her ex-husband’s voice in the back of her head reminds her every day.

Dragged by a friend to a pole studio’s showcase, Kaity reluctantly agrees to try out a class. She also bumps into a hot photographer, Gabe, but it’s too soon after her divorce to start dating…right?

But Kaity and Gabe both need a date ASAP. She needs to show up her vengeful ex-sister-in-law, and he needs to prove to his family his life is back on track.

As Kaity finds friends, community, and confidence in pole classes, it gets harder to resist Gabe’s charms. Gabe, too, is torn between exploring Kaity’s delights and his treasured independence. And caught between self-doubt and a looming change, Kaity must decide if grabbing her feelings by the pole and leaning into love will end in a photo finish or land her flat on her face.

Kaity’s Catch is a steamy, fake-relationship romance with a curvy, plus-sized heroine and a loner artist love interest who find an unexpected happily ever after.

My Review:

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The author of Kaity’s Catch offered to send me a free ebook copy in exchange for an honest review (although I just downloaded it for free on Kindle Unlimited), so here is my review…

The main character, Kaity, is a plus-sized, newly divorced woman who signs up for a pole dancing class with one of her friends. So we get to experience pole dancing classes through Kaity’s story! She’s going to these classes and trying to re-find herself after her divorce.

She meets this cute guy who asks her to do a photo shoot. For whatever reason, they end up making this agreement with each other that she’s going to be his date to a family event and he’s going to be her date to a work event. They don’t know each other very well, but they agree to do this to help each other out.

The story is light-hearted and enjoyable, but I only gave it 3 stars for a couple of reasons. Number one, the author’s use of the phrase “and so.” I’m not sure if that’s grammatically incorrect, for me it was distracting. And number two, the lack of depth in the characters. We get to know some of their personal issues and things going on, but it felt very surface-y.

Overall, it was a good story but could use some work.

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