‘What If There’s More?: Finding Significance Beyond Success’ by Traci Barrett

What If There's More

I’m super excited to be reading an ARC copy of this book by Traci Schubert Barrett.

Although it won’t be available until January 24th, you can preorder your copy now!

Here’s an excerpt from the book description on Amazon:

Have you gone through all the predetermined mile-markers toward success and now wonder, what is next?

Has the climb toward the top of the ladder left you restless, depleted, and wondering if there is more out there for you?

As a founding member of the team that launched HGTV: Home & Garden Television, media executive Traci Schubert Barrett had enjoyed the exciting ride of taking a promising idea and turning it into a billion-dollar media empire. But nearly two decades later, success was no longer the beacon it once was. What if success was no longer enough? What if there was more?

Traci took a risk, walked away from the comfort of corporate life, and embarked on a soul-searching journey—one that answered her questions, validated her instincts, and changed her life forever. Traci presents a framework for answering those pressing questions that we face mid-career as we look to the future and wonder, What If There’s More? She shares her own lessons learned and offers a pathway for making peace with your past, renewing your perspective, and confidently crossing into a fulfilling and legacy-leaving future. A practical and refreshing antidote to the never-ending quest for success, What If There’s More? is an indispensable guide for stepping off the hamster wheel of “doing all” and “being all” to live the life you want.

If you are thinking about a career change, life change, or just want to fall back in love with who you are and what you do, then this is the book for you.

Discover how to create a roadmap for your future based on who you are today and a new definition of success – a significant and meaningful life. What If There’s More? will show you:

👉 How to redefine success on your terms
👉 Make peace with your past and push past self-limiting beliefs
👉 Define your unique talents, passions, and values
👉 See your life from a 360° view
👉 Articulate a clear and compelling vision for your future
👉 Decide the best next steps to get there

Transformative and inspiring, this book is your key to creating a strategic roadmap for the second half of your life!

The life you want!

Thanks for letting me be a part of your publishing journey, Traci!

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