BOOK REVIEW: Wendy’s Winter Gift by Debbie Viggiano

Wendy’s Winter Gift

BOOK REVIEW: Wendy’s Winter Gift
by Debbie Viggiano


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Everyone has secrets but some are bigger than others.

Wendy Walker can count on two fingers the number of birthdays until she’s fifty. She can also count on six hands the number of years she’s been married to controlling Derek. Whatever happened to the boy she used to lark around with in the back of a Ford Escort? Just like Derek’s hairline, that lad has gone.

Wendy yearns for freedom but is resigned to her lot. After all, there are others to think about. Like daughter Ruby who – as a teenage single mum still at home – needs supporting, especially since abandoning her hopes of being on Love Island and achieving fame as a reality star.

But secrets dare to spill at the most inopportune moments.

Ruby is nurturing a mystery romance that she frets about her mother discovering, while Derek finds himself under the spotlight in the most disastrous of circumstances.

But just when Wendy thinks her world is falling apart, she discovers that sometimes unexpected joy is just around life’s corner…


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It’s hard to say much about Wendy’s Winter Gift without giving away a significant part of the story. It’s a romantic comedy, but with a very heavy subject plopped right down in the middle of it. The “heavy subject” caused a little bit of conflict for me as a reader, and yet I wanted the absolute best for Wendy, the main character.

I’ve been a little bored by the last few books I’ve read. Even though I enjoyed them, I just felt blah as I was reading them. This book was a totally different experience for me. I can’t put my finger on why exactly, but I was immediately drawn in to the story and felt totally engaged with it all the way through.

Wendy’s Winter Gift is kind of a cross between women’s fiction and romantic comedy. And it’s clean.

I enjoy Viggiano’s writing style and would definitely be open to reading more by her!

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