BOOK REVIEW: Riverside by Glenda Young & Ian Skillicorn

Glenda Young

BOOK REVIEW: Riverside
by Glenda Young & Ian Skillicorn


ABOUT THE BOOKS (from Amazon):

The feel-good, life-affirming story of love, friendship, family, and new beginnings!

Changes are coming to the riverside town of Ryemouth, and while some of the community are excited by new beginnings, others are finding it hard to let go of the past.

A new 14-episode audio soap with a cast of loveable characters you’ll want to laugh and cry along with.

Susan and her boyfriend Dave can’t wait to open their new café and deli, The Old Engine Room. But Susan’s dad, George, is not so thrilled. He’s never approved of Dave, who used to hang out with the wrong crowd. Can the happy young couple win George round?

Mary and Ruby have been friends since the first day of infant school, even though their lives have turned out very differently. Mary has a contented family life with husband George and daughter Susan. Poor Ruby has never been so lucky in love. Then she meets her teenage crush in surprising circumstances. Mary has her doubts about the charming Paul. Will Ruby finally get her own happy ever after?

Dave wants to put his past behind him. His dream is to make a success of the business, and one day be a good husband and father, like his own dad, Mike. Yet, he’s forced to keep a secret from everyone he loves. Who should he turn to for help out of a tricky situation?

When the community comes under threat from developers, can everyone put their differences to one side to defend the town they love?

Riverside is full of romance, heartbreak and secrets, as well as gentle wit and humor.

The Riverside audiobook drama is based on the popular weekly magazine serial written and created by Glenda Young.


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I listened to the audiobook version of Riverside. It’s short—just under 4 hours—and it’s light-hearted and entertaining.

I recently discovered that I enjoy the audiobook drama style (like listening to a sitcom from another room); however, this one was a little hard for me at first. The other ones I’ve listened to have had two characters—one male, one female—so it was very easy to keep the characters straight. This book, on the other hand, had a lot of characters, so it was hard to figure out who everyone was at first. I actually had to go back and relisten to the first half hour or so. Once I understood who was who, it was much better.

The drama was quite silly and there were a couple of different love stories that came together in the book. Overall I enjoyed it.

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