BOOK REVIEW: Connected Couples by Andy T. Fenske

Connected Couples

BOOK REVIEW: Connected Couples
by Andy T. Fenske


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Are you still looking for that deep and meaningful connection? Are you still searching for that lifelong bond and a fulfilling love relationship?

Connected Couples from relationship expert Andy T. Fenske will spark the flame of love and add the connection and passion your relationship is missing.

90% of people don’t have the love relationship they really want.

Why? They lack the knowledge and the skills to create and maintain that relationship.

They never went to Love Relationship School.

Did you?

Probably not.

Success or failure of your relationship is rooted not in factors out of your control but in skills that you can very much learn. No matter how good or bad your current love life is, you have the power to make it better. You are in charge!

What if you had an actual roadmap for your love relationship?

In Connected Couples, you’ll find proven strategies that help you:

  • Get a deepened sense of self-awareness and understanding of your partner
  • Break your personal fear cycle and learn to navigate through challenging times
  • Discover the proven secrets to solving, and avoiding your relationship problems in the first place – without therapy, marriage counseling, or even worse, lawyers!
  • Develop the skills necessary for effective communication as well as strategies for fewer arguments and “better fighting”
  • Create a profound vision for your perfect relationship

A practical handbook for how to successfully navigate through “Love Land”.

From his own experiences working with couples, the author draws out eight roadmaps with real-life examples, practical tools, and techniques that will give you the confidence and the skills needed to make your relationship a lasting success.

We have all experienced the many ups and downs of life and love – and whether or not you:

  • Have failed in relationships before
  • Feel stuck in a relationship that “doesn’t work”
  • Have run into the domino effect of fights and arguments
  • Think you suck at love
  • Are still jumping from one relationship to the next hoping to find “the one”
  • Have been single for a decade

this book is for you!

Equipped with these road maps will you not only make your relationship last – but the best one ever. Build a strong foundation and embark on your relationship journey with a thriving vision and new sense of purpose.


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The author of this book sent me a copy in exchange for an honest review, and here it is…

I usually enjoy books that help us learn more about ourselves and how we relate with others. Something about Connected Couples, however, fell a little flat for me. I think it may be better suited for people who are single (wanting a relationship), serial daters, or people early on in their relationships rather than for someone like me who has been married for 20 years.

It also felt a little chauvinistic to me. When I noticed a couple of the stories illustrated how the issues in the relationship were related to what the woman was doing wrong, I started paying closer attention to how things were bring presented.

For example, there was a story about a relationship that was heading toward divorce because the wife was resentful that she had to take out the trash every day while her husband sat on the couch and was completely oblivious. It ended with how she should have just communicated with her husband about what she needed from him. I’m going to venture to bet that at least 80% of married women can relate to this scenario and it isn’t just about a lack of communication. Then in the next story, when it was the man’s fault, Fenske ended with something along the lines of “he could have done X, but she could have done Y.”

All of this kind of got exacerbated in my mind when he started talking about “masculine” versus “feminine” energy and how we need to “reign in the masculine” and “calm down the feminine.”

I don’t know. Ultimately, I think this book just wasn’t for me.

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