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Lucy Morris

It’s Meet the Author Monday! Each week we meet a new author and get to know a little about them, their writing process, publishing experience, and tips for other writers. Today we’re talking to Lucy Morris, author of Tempted by Her Outcast Viking.

About Lucy Morris:

Lucy Morris has always been obsessed with myths and legends. Her books blend sweeping romance with vivid world building to whisk you away to another time and place filled with adventure. Expect passion, drama, and vibrant characters.

Lucy lives in Essex, UK, with her husband, two children, and two cats. She has a massively sweet tooth and loves Terry’s chocolate oranges and Irn-Bru. In her spare time, she likes to explore castles with her family, or drink bubbly with her friends.

About Tempted by Her Outcast Viking:

  A passionate Viking romance

Tempted by the warrior…
But she’ll never wed!

Brynhild had once been close to Erik—until he’d betrayed her, and she’d hoped never to see him again. Now the fiercely independent shieldmaiden needs Erik’s skills to rescue her sister. Striking a truce with the tough, isolated loner, they reach a mutually beneficial deal: help her and, in return, she’ll help him in his quest to find a wife—by teaching him how to please a woman in bed! 

From Harlequin Historical: Your romantic escape to the past.

Shieldmaiden Sisters

Book 1: The Viking She Would Have Married
Book 2: Tempted by Her Outcast Viking
Book 3: Beguiling Her Enemy Warrior

Author Interview with Lucy Morris:

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  1. What are common traps for aspiring writers?

Not completing your first book. I had a habit of writing the first three chapters of a story, and sending them off to publishers for the feedback. In my mind, I would learn early on if the story was right for the publisher, and not have to waste my time writing a whole book first.

Don’t do this!

When I actually focused on one story, and completed it properly, that was when I was offered my first contract. Learning to write and edit a whole book is a skill in itself that you have to have.

I think what was wrong with all those first three chapters was that I didn’t actually ‘know’ my story. I regularly change the opening chapter of a book as part of my editing process, so to send them off to a publisher (as a draft!) seems madness to me now.

  1. What was the best money you ever spent as a writer?

Joining the Romantic Novelists Association’s New Writers Scheme. I was working part time in a bar at the time, so it seemed (to me) a lot of money to spend on my hobby. But I justified it to myself in the end as a birthday treat. Wow, has it been worth its weight in gold!

Not, only for the great New Writers Scheme. But for the friends and connections I’ve made, and most significantly, for my change in attitude. My writing went from a hobby — I was embarrassed to talk about— to a career! Talking to like-minded people, and seriously investing in my writing was essential in developing my craft.

  1. What other authors are you friends with, and how do they help you become a better writer?

So many! Some from Twitter, and loads from the RNA. I have two friends (Leonie Mack and Lucy Keeling) that beta read my work before it goes to my editor. We have been hugely supportive of each other over the years, offering each other a shoulder to cry on (when bad reviews strike), as well as cheers and encouragement over our successes. Virginia Heath and Charlie Lyndhurst who are part of my local writing group have also given me so much sage advice over the years, that I always turn to them if I’m in doubt over anything.

  1. How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

Now, I have to work to a deadline! It’s a big change from writing a book over a year with plenty of breaks, to delivering a novel every 4 months! I’ve found it tough, but I’ve not run out of ideas yet, and it’s so satisfying seeing my backlist grow.

  1. Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones?

I really shouldn’t, as a bad review can negate the hundreds of positive ones. But writing is an art form, and you want to know if people enjoyed your work. Some positive reviews have left me speechless, and with a tear in my eye – those are the best. Regarding the negative ones, I just try to remember that not everyone will like your work. Saying that, I really think I should stop looking at Goodreads!

  1. What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?

After the initial excitement of planning and writing my first few chapters, I usually hit a wall of self-doubt and find myself struggling through the middle of the story. At this point, I try to tell myself to get the story down, because you can’t edit a blank page.

  1. What inspired you to start writing?

I’ve always loved reading historical romance (and romance in general). I’ve also loved writing from when I was a child, playing on my mum’s typewriter. But I never felt confident enough to pursue it academically (my spelling and gramma is terrible, and don’t ask me what a conjunction-or whatever is, I won’t have a clue!). But when I had my 2nd child I gave up work, and suddenly found myself adrift. I was desperate to reclaim my individuality and have a creative outlet. So, I began writing, and loved it! Thankfully, my editors sort out all my mistakes!

  1. How much ‘world building’ takes place before you start writing?

As I write historical, I need to do a lot of world-building and research to ensure my stories reflect the time and are believable to the reader. Luckily, I love history, so reading and researching about time periods is just another aspect I enjoy about my writing. My advice would be to read widely about the time period to give yourself a good foundation of knowledge, and then research specifics as and when you need to.

  1. Do you find it more challenging to write the first book in a series or to write the subsequent novels?

I have just completed my first series. The Shieldmaiden sisters trilogy following the lives and loves of three fierce warrior-women in Viking age Europe. The first book took a lot of planning to ensure I had ideas and an arc that would link all three books (even though each is based on a different sister, I have a plot that links all three). The second book was very easy to write, and is my latest ‘Tempted by Her Outcast Viking’, the story just flowed as I’d already planned the plot in detail, and I could just enjoy writing the romance. The third book was much harder, as I wanted to wrap the three storylines together and give each character a part to play.

All in all, I really enjoyed writing a series, and will definitely do it again.

  1. Where can readers purchase your books?

You can get my books both as eBooks and in print at most book outlets.

Here’s a universal link to my first two books in the shield maiden sisters trilogy, the third is out in Jan 2023:

To learn more about Lucy Morris, here’s where you can find her:

Facebook: @LucyMorrisAuthor/
Twitter: @LMorris_Author

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