BOOK REVIEW: The Lies I Told by Mary Burton

The Lies I Told

BOOK REVIEW: The Lies I Told
by Mary Burton


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For a woman obsessed and a killer in her shadow, remembering the past becomes a mind game in a novel of psychological suspense by New York Times bestselling author Mary Burton.

Twin sisters Marisa and Clare Stockton were sixteen when Clare’s body was found in Virginia’s James River. No arrests were made. Fourteen years later, Marisa’s friends and dedicated career as a photographer help her to cope with the open wound of the past. But Marisa still feels the hurt―and the unsolved murder isn’t the only thing haunting her.

A recent car crash has erased ten days of Marisa’s memories―a black hole leading up to the accident that’s left her disoriented. Every text and phone call from that crucial missing time has vanished, along with her phone. A photograph she took of the river has disappeared. A new neighbor Marisa believes she knows introduces himself as if he were a stranger. And there’s the growing fear that her near-fatal accident was no accident at all. As dreams of Clare and nightmares of the crash begin to converge, so do two disturbing puzzles fourteen years apart.

Putting the pieces together could be fatal. As she struggles to remember everything, Marisa closes in on a killer―without realizing that he’s already closed in on her.

My Review:

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I really enjoyed The Lies I Told and would have given it 5 stars, but there was a scene at the end that was just too unbelievable for the sake of convenience that made it lose some points in my mind.

Marisa’s got a lot of problems. Her mom committed suicide when she was a teenager—or so everyone thought. Marisa’s older sister, Brit, helped raise her and her twin sister, Clare. But Brit may not be the sweet caretaker Marisa always thought she was. Clare is murdered when the twins are sixteen. Fourteen years later, Marisa, who’s a recovering alcoholic, is still trying to figure out who killed her twin before the case turns cold. And she’s recovering from a mysterious car accident she was in that erased some of her memory.

The book is full of drama and twists. It’s a great thriller.

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