BOOK REVIEW: Bloodline by Jess Lourey


BOOK REVIEW: Bloodline
by Jess Lourey


ABOUT THE BOOK (from Amazon):

Perfect town. Perfect homes. Perfect families. It’s enough to drive some women mad…

In a tale inspired by real events, pregnant journalist Joan Harken is cautiously excited to follow her fiancé back to his Minnesota hometown. After spending a childhood on the move and chasing the screams and swirls of news-rich city life, she’s eager to settle down. Lilydale’s motto, “Come Home Forever,” couldn’t be more inviting.

And yet, something is off in the picture-perfect village.

The friendliness borders on intrusive. Joan can’t shake the feeling that every move she makes is being tracked. An archaic organization still seems to hold the town in thrall. So does the sinister secret of a little boy who vanished decades ago. And unless Joan is imagining things, a frighteningly familiar figure from her past is on watch in the shadows.

Her fiancé tells her she’s being paranoid. He might be right. Then again, she might have moved to the deadliest small town on earth.


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I was trying to explain to a group of friends what Bloodline was about and it was hard to do it justice. Let’s just say the story gets real weird, but in a good way.

After being mugged in the city, Joan Harkin moves to Lilydale, a small town in Minnesota, with her boyfriend. It’s where he grew up. And she’s pregnant. It seems like a good place to settle down and start a family. Except everyone there seems a little too perfect…maybe a little too close?

When a child who mysteriously went missing a couple of decades ago shows back up in town, Joan starts to investigate the story, but gets the feeling the people of Lilydale are preventing her from finding out the truth. Joan begins to suspect she’s being watched. And then controlled.

There are so many twists and turns in this story and the whole thing gets weird, but you can’t look away! It’s definitely a page turner. I loved it!

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