5 Fun Things to Include When Sending Your Book to a Reviewer

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As a book reviewer, I receive a lot of book packages from authors for review. Recently I received a package from an author that really stood out to me, so I made this TikTok video showing five ideas for things to include when sending your book to a reviewer. In this post, I’ll break down the items I shared in the video.

5 Fun Things to Include When Sending Your Book to a Reviewer

1) Branded sticker on the package.

This told me right away what was inside. This author, Gail Ward Olmsted, is the author of multiple books, so her sticker is generic, but does highlight the genres she writes (historical and contemporary fiction).

2) Something personalized for the reviewer.

I don’t know why, but I LOVED this gesture! Gail wrote my name on a little card that was attached to the next item on this list. Some authors will include a postcard with a handwritten note or something like that. I always appreciate when an author takes the time to acknowledge me. I am going to be spending several hours on their book, after all.

3) Trinkets.

Again, I loved this. As the author of several books, Gail included these trinkets with the covers of some of her other books. What a great way to cross-promote her books. Think about it, if the reviewer enjoys the book, they’ll be likely to want to read (and review!) other books by the same author.

4) Other printed materials.

Bookmarks always come in handy for reviewers. Also, Gail included her business card and a bookmark for one of her other books…again geniusly cross-promoting her work. You could also include a postcard with a hand-written note.

5) And, of course, a signed copy.

I don’t expect my review copies to be signed, but it’s always a nice gesture.

If you want to stand out to a book reviewer, Gail has provided some nice inspiration!

You can watch the full TikTok video here (and be sure to share it with your author friends!):


Things to include when sending your book to a reviewer. #bookmarketing

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