10 Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

If you have someone in your life who loves to read, you know they are a special breed. As an avid reader myself I put together this list of gift ideas any reader would love.

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  1. Remote control page turner for Kindle. I bought myself one of these recently and it’s a game-changer for night reading (or rainy day reading). You can curl up under a blanket, prop up the Kindle, and use the clicker to turn the page without having to hold the Kindle. (Be sure to combine this with #2 if your budget allows.)
  1. Gooseneck Kindle holder. Be sure to check on the size to make sure it’s compatible with the Kindle (or other device) the reader has. Pairing this with the remote control page turner above makes the ultimate gift for the reader in your life!
  1. Night reading light. For anyone who reads physical books and enjoys reading at night, this is a great gift. No more bright overhead lights on. They can read in bed without disturbing anyone else, and click it off whenever they start getting sleepy.
  1. Wisdom Tree with lamp. The availability of this product on Amazon comes and goes, so if it’s a gift you’d like to give someone, keep an eye on it and be sure to purchase it when it’s in stock. This is a perfect gift for readers who frequently read several books (particularly physical copies) at the same time.
  1. Triangle book holder. If the Wisdom Tree above is a bit too much for your reader, here’s a simple and beautiful book holder for the minimalist reader.
  1. Kindle Paperwhite. If your reader is curious about exploring ebooks, a Kindle eReader is a classic! Don’t forget to research accessories like covers and holders.
  1. Kobo Sage eReader Package. Although I love my Kindle, the Kobo eReader is perfect for any library lover because you can easily connect it with your library and borrow books with a simple click. It’s also water proof and has a pen so you can make handwritten notes on the pages.
  1. Book page holder. This page holder allows the reader to hold open the pages in their book to read with one hand, keeping their other hand free for a cup of coffee or for writing notes.
  1. A Bookish candle. Each soy candle is made in either a 6oz or 16oz jar featuring an all natural cork cap.
  1. Custom bookmark. These bookmarks feature real dried and pressed flowers, your choice of foil color, and matching tassel so your reader will never lose their place. You can also add a name personalization with various font choices.

Need more ideas? I’ve started this Pinterest Board to collect additional ideas I discover:

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