VIDEO BOOK REVIEW: Overcoming Awkward by Monica Parkin

Overcoming Awkward

About Overcoming Awkward (from Amazon):

Some people are electrified by the idea of networking events, cold-calling, and dazzling total strangers with their winsome smiles, intriguing conversation, and charming personalities. But for introverts, meeting and talking to new people is like watching a horror movie where they are the star! So what is an entrepreneur or sales professional to do if he or she happens to also be an introvert? In this groundbreaking work from a bona fide introvert master marketer, you will learn actionable strategies to create connections, build relationships, and establish loyal, repeat customers who are thrilled to refer you to everyone they know.

You will learn:

  • effective social media marketing,
  • how to sow seeds for organic growth,
  • how to win over angry clients,
  • how to expand your comfort zone,
  • the value of expert mentorship,

and so much more! This is the definitive guide you’ve been waiting for. Gone is the advice to introverts that they must learn to take on a persona that is light years away from who they really are. You will finally be free to just be you and will discover that your vibe attracts your tribe.

Monica Parkin is a licensed mortgage broker and successful serial entrepreneur. She is an award-winning international speaker and the host of the “Juggling Without Balls” Podcast. She is also a self-professed introvert and crazy goat lady who lives on a small farm with an assortment of furry creatures. She loves to hear feedback from readers and looks forward to opportunities to speak on topics that empower others to feel more connected, confident, and successful.

My Video Book Review:



Welcome to another video book review. Today, we’re looking at Overcoming Awkward by Monica Parkin.

I loved the title. Monica actually reached out to me and asked me to review this book. And, um, the subtitle is The Introvert’s Guide to Networking, Marketing, and Sales.

I actually think the subtitle should be the title of the book. I love the title, but the subtitle really captures what the book is about. If the title hadn’t already been taken, I would suggest How to Win Friends and Influence People, or even better, How to Win Friends and Influence People and Succeed in Sales, because that is what this book is.

So Monica Parkin is a licensed mortgage broker. She became successful in her business because she clearly knows how to treat people and how to network. Um, even when it didn’t come natural to her. Her book is a guide basically that covers all the basics around networking, relationship building, social media marketing, um, and how all of these things can lead to increased sales simply by putting yourself out there, being a decent person, and seeing things through your client’s perspective.

It seems so simple, but Monica tells all these stories in the book and you can totally relate to those stories as you know, business to business, working with other, um, other businesses or as a client working with a business, um, you can totally relate to what she, uh, the stories that she tells us, the experiences she’s had. And you can see how simple it would be for one little thing to be different and how that would have made a huge impact in whether you chose to use that, um, salesperson to buy that thing from that person, or to work again with, uh, somebody, uh, you know, if you’re working with another business and you have a really good experience, you know, you’re going to want to continue working on that with them, where if not, you’re not.

Um, so it just, I think is a really great book. If you’re an entrepreneur, a business owner or in sales, I recommend it. And it’s a pretty quick read.

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